loan manager plus offers a complete loan servicing and management software product. We have put together a question and answer style forum related to general technological and functional issues related to software selection. These are several issues you may want to look at in the decision process.

Does the software system require additional fees paid to third party vendors such as database providers?
All prices quoted by us are inclusive with no additional license cost from third party vendors.

Does the loan servicing system use windows, a DOS/window hybrid, DOS or another technology?
We offer a fully compiled modern windows platform on the client that runs on Windows 7 through Windows 10.

Does the loan servicing system maintain an open architecture and take advantage of modern database theory using normalization?
Many older systems use proprietary database structures that are not related in contemporary one to one, one to many and many to many structures. We offer a SQL (structured query language) based contemporary database structure for data access using either a file or a client server model.

Does the loan servicing system offer industry recognized SQL reporting tools?
We offer either the Crystal Reports © or the Reportsmith © report viewers. Both tools come with a set of reports that can be customized. We do not embed our reports into the program which limits customization on a per customer basis.

Does the loan servicing system offer industry standard PDF output for invoices?
The product can output an entire invoice run to a PDF file. Invoices can then be printed and the entire invoice run archived. In addition to standard print functionality, invoices can be emailed as PDF attachments to borrowers.

Does the loan servicing system offer document management?
The system can store any type of document or scanned image within the database for easy retrieval using windows built in file association feature.

Does the loan servicing system support importing payments rather than posting them manually?
Payments and even loans can be imported directly into the system from spreadsheet (XLS) files using OLE automation. We support both Microsoft Excel © using (VBA) and Open Office © using (ooBasic) as automation clients.

Does the loan servicing system offer a one click approach to loan management?
This means vital features are just one click to implement. If a feature requires multiple steps to complete, then a wizard approach is used. This means loan setup, adding principal to a loan or obtaining real time reports such as aging use a step by step process.

Does the loan servicing system offer different font sizes to match differing individual preferences and screen sizes?
Many software programs are written using 8 pt or 9 pt fonts which work fine with lower resolution monitors but are difficult to see with modern wide screen monitors. Our software has scalable fonts ranging from 10 pt to 12 pt which can lower eye strain.

Does the loan servicing system have an add-in manager allowing additional functionality to be incorporated with a mouse click?
Add-in applets can extend the functionality of the base system offering specific solutions to user needs.

Does the software vendor offer desktop updates to the product?
We offer automated software updates with a click of a button. No more email attachments or long delays waiting for CD updates through regular mail.

Is the software vendor willing to assist in converting existing data?
We help map your existing data using templates and bulk import without need for expensive operator input. This service can be completed in a matter of hours.