loan manager plus has features that may appeal to more specialized loan servicing and management requirements.

Construction Loan Servicing:
The system supports interest only loans where draws can be made at any point during the life of the loan. When a draw is made, interest is accrued at the lower balance while the next interest payment would reflect the combined interest required at the lower and the higher balances. In addition, payments can be recalculated based on the new balance going forward. Draw downs are also supported with payment recalculation. All this is accomplished through the use of wizards.

Adjustable Rate Loan Servicing:
The system supports the ability to add an unlimited number of indexes. These can be commonly used indexes such as the Prime Rate, Libor or user defined. Each qualifying loan has a spread over the index which can change immediately (the following payment) or over a specified period ranging from three months to ten years. In addition, the system can recalculate payments or solve for term based on rate change.

Student Loan Servicing:
The system supports the ability to create a deferred loan type that has no schedule while the student is in school. This type of loan allows additions and deductions to principal  to be applied, miscellaneous payments to be made and interest accrued between any two dates without a payment schedule. This type of loan can then be closed out and transferred to an amortizing once the student leaves school.

Development Loan Servicing:
The system supports the ability to maintain detail data with each loan, borrower and property. For instance, each loan possesses 20 text, 20 date, 20 numeric and 25 lookup fields. Lookup fields are dropdown lists which can be populated by the end user within program. The labels associated with these fields can also be set.

This allows specialized reporting where data within a portfolio can be grouped and sorted by any of the detail fields. For instance, data can be grouped by branch or housing program. Data can also be isolated for just one branch or housing program. Data can include payments, balances or aging.